Welcome to the shuffle

Hello! I’m Corwin, and this is Turn of a Friendly Card. Here, I hope to create content about cards, decks, solitaire rules, and computer games that involve cards. Not trading card games, mind you – there’s probably plenty of sites around the ‘net that cover those, and I’ve never been much for the likes of Magic: The Gathering – around here, we’re talking about traditional solitaire. Klondike, or Patience, or Kosynka, or whatever you might call it. They’ve been around for centuries, and they’re a good exercise for the brain if you don’t have friends around to deal a round of poker, or any pocket change left to play blackjack. Or, well, there’s always that one game that’s been available – in some form or another – with every computer running Microsoft Windows since 1990.

Playing cards have a rich and interesting history, and there are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways to play with them, and potentially millions of unique decks and designs. Whether you just want to buy a cheap deck of Bicycle cards for when the power goes out, or if you’re interested in something a bit fancier and flashier, or perhaps you just want to learn how to deal a game that needs a bit less random chance…I hope to cover all of the above.


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